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Terrazzo Tiles

How it Works

Meet with a Designer

The first step is to set up a time and date that works for you to meet with one of our experienced designers in your home. Pictures, measurements, sketches and design are prepared. 

Receive Tile Samples

Once the design in your 3D rendering is complete, we send you physical samples of your chosen tiles to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality and feel of the surfaces used in your project.

Get an Estimate

Shortly after the meeting with your designer, you will receive a full scope of work and estimate for your renovation. The design and estimate process is completed at no cost to you.  

Choose Timeline

After design and materials choices are finalized, you will choose a date that is convenient for you to start the renovation process. The typical demolition takes 1-2 days, with construction taking approximately 7-12 days.

Approve 3D Renderings

Once you decide that the scope of work and estimate fit your expectations, you will receive 3D renderings of your space with the new materials from your design. This will be the blueprint used by your installers.

Inspection and Warranty

Once your project is complete, the project site will be cleaned and fully inspected, and you will receive product and service warranties covering your renovation for 365 days.  

Ready to start your project?

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