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Sink Faucet

Who We Are.

Breno transforms bathroom & kitchen renovations by delivering certainty, transparency and joy to the renovation process.

Customers deserve a more open and affordable experience with contractors.


Breno's here to deliver.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations.

Preset Designs

All you do is choose a design and Breno makes it happen in your home.


Trusted Contractors

A professional and reliable contractor is paramount to the success of your project. 

Hi-Caliber Materials

Your bathroom is fitted with durable materials and built to last.

Fast Shipping and Storage

All build materials are shipped and stored near you and picked up by the contractors on the day of installation.

Clear and Affordable Pricing

 Breno provides clear, flat-fee pricing to give you ease of mind and to provide certainty to your renovation.

Timing Prioritized

Your remodel will be complete in less than two to three weeks. That's significantly less than the six-week industry average.



Designs Done For You 

We created a set of stunning bathroom & kitchen designs. No need to hire a designer, and no need to create your own design - simply choose from one of ours and we'll make it happen in your home.

Trusted Contractor 

A trusted contractor is paramount to the success of your project. Breno's process ensures that your renovation is built correctly, on time and without any surprises. 

Durable Materials

Sourcing materials for your project can take days, if not weeks of effort. We established partnerships with trusted suppliers to fit your project with the most durable materials in production. 


Logistics Covered 

All your build materials are shipped and stored near you and delivered to your home on the day of installation. For materials on our catalog, you won't need to coordinate shipping and you won't need to store any of the materials in your home. Gone are the days where your garage is filled with tiles and materials.

Rapid Installation 

Breno holds your contractor accountable to a timeline. Your remodel will be complete in less than two to three weeks. That's significantly less than the six-week industry average.

Clear Pricing

Breno beats competitor pricing and spreads your payments into three installments to minimize upfront costs. 

Typical Contractor


Hire Designers 

Hire designers or self-design a bathroom or kitchen without any experience. Even then the homeowner can't see the final product before the materials are installed. Breno let's you see your project beforehand.

Source Unfamiliar Contractors 

Source unfamiliar and sometimes unresponsive contractors to do the job. Too many homeowners hire faulty and unreliable contractors. Breno's job is to keep you 100% satisfied with quality work.


Source Materials

Find tiles, sinks, faucets, shower-heads, shower doors, cabinets, shelves, vanities and other bathroom materials or live with the typically cheap materials supplied by the contractor. Don't get stuck with low-quality materials. 


High Shipping and Storage Costs 

Store the materials in your home with limited space and work through shipping issues. Easier than it sounds, but shower doors, four different types of tiles, vanities and sinks typically take up an entire room of valuable space and require shipping from multiple vendors. Breno covers the logistics.


Manage Timelines

Over 78% of renovations take longer than expected. A renovation without a dedicated contractor manager is 6X as likely to run into timeline issues. Breno manages the timeline.

High Upfront Costs 

Pay costs upfront. Contractors typically require large payments, usually 1/2 of the entire project, to be paid upfront. Not with us. Payments are divided into three installments so that you're satisfied through each step of the process.

Get a personal estimate.

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